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Indoor and Outdoor Air Gun Shooting Ranges Mansfield Nottingham

Woodend Target Sports

The indoor shooting range comprises of six 20m lanes with a manual pulley system for varied target distancing. There is a seated area behind the shooting range where members can relax. There are hand washing facilities. There is also a small gun workshop area, where members can make adjustments to their airguns. One-to-one supervision is available for beginners and airguns are available for hire. Anyone under 18 years of age has to be accompanied by an adult. Click here to visit the indoor shooting page

There is a 50 metre outdoor territory range with various knock down targets. This is a covered shooting area with seating.

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Archery at Woodend Farm Complex from £15 per hour

Woodend Farm Complex opens it's shooting ranges to archers daily. Facilities for archery comprises of long range shooting up to 90 metres, covered shooting area (20 shot field course), 2D and 3D coming soon. All archers skill level to be assessed before shooting the field.

Beginners archery course

Beginners archery course is for people wanting to be a member of the national field archery society, then they can compete in NFSA, Sunday open Shoots and national competitions. The course is 6 sessions including all equipment, the course goes through shoot rules and safety, equipment choice and shooting styles, course and shooting etiquette

Cost is £90

90 Metre Archery Range ideal for target archers and field archery cross bows Shooters. Various targets set out from traditional targets and 3D targets. The Archery range has a covered shooting and seating area.

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Throwing at Woodend Farm Complex from £12 per hour

Welcome to woodend throwing ranges knife + axe and tomahawk throwing back through the ages. Starting out as hunting and fighting skills but soon became known for settling scores between tribes. As in the way of providing throwing skills and accuracy.At Woodend we offer throwing for begginers right through to world class tournament winners. Set out for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Safety is always a major factor around knives and axe throwing. Anyone can learn the art of throwing with the right guidance and tuition. At Woodend we have throwing instructors ready to make your visit a memorable one.

We have covered throwing ranges for those wet and windy times and a full outdoor range set out, waiting for your skills to be nurtured and tested all equipment supplies.

We have regular meetings on a Wednesday evening and take group bookings for just throwing or as part of other activities at Woodend. Once you've mastered throwing and sticking them in your target other things can be thrown such as shovels, nails, screwdrivers trowels and just about anything you can throw with a point on it. Just don't blame us if you come away a throwaholic.

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Members Only range

The members only range is exclusive for Woodend Membersthis range has a 40 metre warm up range with covered seating area and shooting area where airguns and archers can warm up and get their eye in before shooting the field course.

The members only is for the use of Woodend members only whether you shoot an air rifle or bow the range is full of knockdown targetsand small duel Pods for air gunners. And 2D paper faced targets and 3D animal targets for archers. All shots are unmarked and in a variety of positions. This is ideal Practice Range to get your competition ready or just to have fun with friends this range also caters for Xbox and throwers.

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